Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Juniper Network Connect in Bodhi, Ubuntu and Linux Mint

The Juniper Network Connect client simply wouldn't launch for me under any of the Linux distributions listed in the title of this post, even after trying multiple Java version installations.

Thankfully, Paul Smith at has put together a great script which allows connection to a Juniper WebVPN from a Ubuntu-based distro. He has a great write up on his blog, so I won't repeat his instructions here, other than to say he makes it incredibly simple to get connected to your institution WebVPN.

I followed his instructions on a reasonably fresh install of Bodhi Linux*, and ended up running into a "missing /etc/resolv.conf" error. This can be fixed by running the following command:
 sudo dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf  
Answer Yes to all the prompts and restart your machine once the tool finishes.

Launching Paul's script (hosted here at Github, should you want to check out the code), should now present you with a working GUI, allowing you to connect you to your WebVPN. He also provides the option of connecting via the command line, detailed further in his blog post

As usual, any issues or comments in the box below!

* If you haven't checked this distro out, I highly recommend it - it absolutely flies even on older hardware, and is Ubuntu-based giving access to the huge Ubuntu software repositories

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