Thursday, 15 December 2011

Rails Testing Resources

I'm wondering why Webrat + RSpec doesn't seem talked about that much - does anyone have any suggestions?


When Cucumber isn't the right approach - Steak as an alternative for solo devs / small teams
Getting Started with Steak
You're Cuking it Wrong - doing Cucumber testing correctly.

Railscast - Integration testing without Cucumber
Capybara (alternative to Webrat)

Remote Desktop Multiple Monitors

Supported from Windows Vista.
  • Ensure Display Properties -> Monitors make a rectangle , maximum total resolution of 4096 x 2048.

  • Ensure Remote Desktop client is version 6 or higher: 
  • Open Remote Desktop client with /span ie. Start -> Run

  • mstsc /span

  • Remote Desktop should open, spanning multiple monitors

Resources for Android with Rails

A list of sites that might be useful for developing Android applications with a Ruby on Rails backend: