Friday 11 May 2012

Fixing Hibernate Problems in Linux Mint Part II

My previous attempts to make hibernation work for my Linux Mint installation didn't entirely solve the problem. My system has been hanging far less than usual, but would still occasionally hang at the s2disk hibernating screen.

After a lot of reading, it seems to me that there's problem with the s2disk utility, and so I've worked around the problem using an older, more stable method of hibernation:
 sudo echo disk > /sys/power/state  

This will hibernate the machine, and resume the session when it is powered back up. It's not as fast as s2disk, and doesn't display any information while hibernating (it shows a black screen unless there are errors), but is far more stable, for my set up at least.

I put the command into a one line script, in /usr/bin/, then added an entry in sudoers (see this post) to remove the requirement for a password to be entered. Finally, I added a launcher to Cairo-dock, so that now I have a consistent, stable hibernation function for my Linux Mint installation.

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