Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fixing Hibernate Problems in Linux Mint

Hibernate was working fairly inconsistently on my machine; sometimes it would work, and sometimes it would hang with s2disk pending onscreen. Google turns up a lot of Linux hibernate problems, below is how I resolved mine.

First, ensure you have more swap space than RAM (1.5 - 2x RAM as a guideline), using the command:
 swapon -s  

If you don't have enough space, follow the instructions here before continuing.

Once you are sure you have enough swap space, if hibernate still isn't working, install the powermanagement-interface package, using:
 sudo apt-get install powermanagement-interface  

This got hibernation working on my machine, I hope it helps you too.

Update: Make sure you check out Part II of this post, should this post not help you fully resolve your hibernate problems.

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